Pention™ Ionomers are highly conductive and stable, and therefore useful for incorporation into electrode
layers involving anion exchange membranes (AEM). The ionomer structure contains a poly(norbornene)
backbone and is sold in either functionalized and non-functionalized forms. The functionalized polymer is sold
as a dispersion for use in electrode layers and is functionalized with a quaternary ammonium group. The
functionalized polymer is not soluble in conventional solvent systems, so for membrane casting the
unfunctionalized polymer is dissolved in solution and must be functionalized after membrane manufacture.
Pention™ Ionomers are used in various electrochemical applications including fuel cells, electrolyzers, sensors,
and flow batteries. Xion™ composite Pention™ membranes have demonstrated the highest recorded AEM fuel
cell performance with a peak power density of 3.4 W/cm²

  • High Conductance
  • Great Chemical Stability

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72 Series Solution


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