XION™ Composite Dyneon™ Membranes are ultra-thin, highly conductive, and highly stable reinforced proton exchange membranes (PEM). The membrane is based on a perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) ionomer developed by 3M. The low equivalent weight and modification to the PFSA structure by 3M leads to the highest conductance material compared to more traditional structures like Nafion. The reinforcement layer is a porous substrate integrated into the structure of the membrane to provide enhanced mechanical properties. The enhanced mechanical properties allow the Xion Composite Dyneon Membranes to be produced much thinner than free-standing membranes, resulting in higher ionic conductivity without sacrificing strength. Applications include fuel cells, electrolyzers, and sensors. XION™ Composite Dyneon™ Membranes come in two variations based on the equivalent weight (EW) of the ionomer: 725EW has higher ionic conductivity, but 800EW has greater stability.


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